Grassroots webmaster should stick to do something valuable


grassroots webmaster above plus a lot, almost only delete some talents and others, and they found me from the process of communication, for many webmaster obsessed with trouble once and for all, to work and to replace the original acquisition. Such webmaster usually can not become my customers, because they have no value to their website,

a webmaster in their own site above the value of the investment, can usually think he seriously on the site, so many local classified sites, please repair their website stationmaster I function, of course pay.

many sites do not have any technical content, there is no value to see, the technology relies entirely on CMS, data, all by collection, traffic by search. Making money depends entirely on the alliance. The website is only a temporary tool. There is no future, no direction, no goal, no value, no meaning. Just doing what the tools do, just walking on the internet.


network is really the case? As the CMS becomes more and more mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, no value, with the accumulation of data is useless, as search engines with tightening, alliance webmaster slowly away, what is left. Nishajuxia, car wheels · Ma Xiao Xiao tears. Who has, blame search ruthless, blame CMS not open source, blame alliance buckle amount, blame Internet competition cruel


my point here is that even small websites have values that exist, and that their value lies in the fact that he is the only website of your personality,

your blog, your music, your hobbies, your family, your life, your skills, your buddies, are all original,

is valuable to you and respectful to others, then he has the need to exist, so please do your valuable station, my friends,

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