How to rationally grasp the title of the website keywords and describe the differences between the

recently by many articles to understand website title, keywords, description of how to set up, but at the same time, I also found a problem between the three settings are should be separated? Should not have great relevance? I think that as long as the positioning of the site once identified, there is a great relationship should be between the three, so they are what kind of relationship? After I analyze their own website, I finally got an answer, the relationship between the three of them is to seek common ground, below I detailed talk about my views come from.

, look for the three the same point, do the same work

site positioning, then each site has its own direction of development, and the title is our general direction, we here for example:

Website Title: SEO home of optimization

web Keywords: SEO optimization, SEO guidelines, SEO recommendations, SEO queries,

website description: SEO home for the world webmaster to provide the best quality optimization guide service, SEO recommended inquiry service, welcome you to join.

same point: SEO optimization,

What is the theme of the website

, is simple to do SEO optimization, and the website title is the common point of the core, SEO optimization, and the key is to further explain to the website of the title and description is standing above the title based on the website of the SEO service are described, and their work is the same do SEO optimization of the word.

two, look for the three different points, do different work

has the same place then there must be different, and the website title, keywords, description of the three and what is different? This is what we want to say ground work. Here are some examples:

Website Title: weight-loss drug family

website keywords: diet pills list, diet medicine family, diet pills effective


website description: do the best weight-loss drugs website in the country to help everyone who needs to lose weight.

: number of different, different to different meaning, relates to attract traffic at different

theme of this site is to do the same diet pills, and they also is the weight loss drug these three words, but the site is not the same title keywords and website development of the word, and these words are also expanding the web site of the title of a spread phenomenon, between the title and key words are complementary to each other, and the keyword is different different work. Website descriptions are more of a call to consumers, and he has little to do with the key words that consumers enter, but consumers see more of the description of the site. As a webmaster have different points to find the three, do different work. < >

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