Apart from the nternet there’s jealousy left


, in the absence of contact sites and Wangzhuan before although introverted I still always think the world is fair, is a wonderful world, beautiful things rely on themselves to create —

by hand to

more than half of the contact, some people on the Internet is making money, especially after watching "XX Wangzhuan training materials" see, amazing, do not admire their thinking, for the money, what thing does, though it is shameless, but I still have quite admire them imagine this, their one day can ‘earn 1000 days’ what I gradually began to change from the behavior of ~~~

every time on the way home now, I began to pay attention to the road car, (although not what cars) but in our town, a car, or very impressive. Imagine that the next few years, my car from the past.

every time I see a pair of couples in the school, they hold hands, they rely on the back, face, I think. I think what is needless to say, a poor lonely with do not know is like a young idea or dream. "One day, I must be happier than them,"

every time I see the galloping figure on the court, it’s an envy. Think about your height, 170cm, weight, 65kg. Hey, don’t think that teacher, that sentence: "if you look thin, please mend it."

in addition to the network, the remaining envy, not in the network, there are more people I envy, technology, big and small ideas.

a chance, I am determined to participate in the competition, Alibaba network and 100 community, from here, from the network, starting from the normal station, give up other garbage station, give up the core idea of "sex bribery". I want to change myself, strive for a good position, exercise myself, steadfast life, heart, do station.

following article, you can better understand me: /article/20080222/73032.shtml

my network address; http://s.ebs.alibaba.com/candidates/10874 vote for me, I hope to make friends here.

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