A two year webmaster do station course

  I do have almost two years, in the past two years in bitterness and happiness, have to pay, also have the harvest, this year I had a very full, because spend every day and night every day in the busy, from the beginning of the fantasy to realize, blind from the beginning to do lack station understanding errors and technology, once lost, lost, the first site I do is a dating station, then do the first station, with excitement and passion, the Internet every day online are basically ten hours everywhere to promote their website, in order to make better development of the website, also made a year Baidu hot Zone, however, spent a lot of money and energy, but the popularity is not to go, but I still insist on every day, hope to be able to stand up, but because of all the technology and experience All problems, led to the loss of many aspects, finally a year later shut down the site, but I did not give up the site in the industry, but to reflect, to find the reasons from the failure, I decided to do a station.

                in a chance to see a release to sell the web site navigation information in the webmaster online, I click into the feeling for this type of website is better, better management, publicity is relatively easy, so at the time of initiation site navigation station idea, through the detailed analysis and development of this website a few days, finalized, ready to start, home to the graph king registered a new domain name, and then to the Internet to download a good program, in the purchase of the space program after uploading, new sites to publicity, from I start every day in, I want you, the webmaster nets, outdated, and other well-known Webmaster Station site in the post, because their weights are relatively high in the webmaster class, so stick in the post, very helpful to enhance Your site traffic and weight in the search, in addition to posting on these sites, there is a link in the group released the information, I added in a group of more than 100, will stick to release link information every day, not only can find the connection information, send the information every day in the group will have a certain flow of your site, finally after three months, the PR value update, I stand on the 3 PR, the major search sites included are good, the mood was very happy, I always believe that there will have to pay a return.

                  but in the same thing every day, every day is to website promotion, then the flow is complacent, so I came to buy advertising and connection, so buy some ads and even then, the effect is really the flow is also gradually increased, and had more than two months, due to personal reasons need money, no way, decided to sell the site, just a few days after the sale, PR has been updated, the website PR before I have to sell up to 4, Baidu.

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