Small flow is not terrible relying on good profit model is the key

many owners will have some confusion about this, his website after a series of efforts to have a certain flow, but did not produce the corresponding profit; what is more, some of the stations in the state of profit, which is a pity. In fact, the reasons for these phenomena, in addition to the site’s own conversion rate problems, but also with the site’s choice of profit model has a direct relationship. Some websites are hundreds of IP per day, but the profitability is very strong, and it also has a large relationship with its profit model. So today, this article and we talk about some of the mainstream web site profit model, we hope to be a reference.

first, direct selling products,

direct selling products are not necessarily independent B2C stores, there are many small websites or single page using this model. The product can be the source of your supply, can also be products, in short, the ultimate goal of this kind of profit model is to use their technology to SEO some keywords ranking optimization, and then rely on these natural ranking directional flow, so as to achieve the purpose of selling products. Now there are many webmaster is such a model.

second, do Taobao


, the second way of making profits, is Taobao. You are most familiar with the most common areas of contact. In fact, Taobao is not difficult to do, the difficult way to get traffic and get traffic after the conversion. For a web site, as long as there is good weight, you can page or channel page, plus some long tail keywords links, rely on the long tail of super directional flow, then the user through these pages enter the purchase page to buy. Of course, you can also use the high weight of your site, enabling the two domain name to do, so that the effect will be better. This is also a very practical profit mentality.

third, relying on various advertising

advertising has always been the mainstream of the website profit model, and it is absolutely mainstream. In this respect, including all kinds of League advertising, or direct advertising. For direct advertising, many webmaster like, because the income is stable, and the cost will not be too low. However, some websites advertise more than direct advertising, especially the high commission of CPS, positioning more accurate. But either way, it’s fundamental to do a good job, or else it’s just an empty talk.

fourth, sell link profit

link market has been very hot, but also a topic frequently discussed by the webmaster. Therefore, the sale of links is also optional one way, the sale of links is not just small markets, small sites, but a very transparent phenomenon in the industry. Some well-known electricity supplier website also often spend a lot of time and effort to buy high-quality links, enhance the weight. At the same time, many high weight news sites have been selling links, and even one site sells hundreds. So, if you have a good weight on the site, the sale of links is also a powerful complement. < >

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