Website design combined with the future development potential has Superman first class website

website design is not only a difficult problem for Internet webmaster, but also a big problem for web designer. Many designers have the idea to deal with today and modify it tomorrow. I do not agree to this idea, I think the website design should be combined with the future development potential of the site, let yourself have a chaorenyideng website, here many owners and designers want to ask, how should we design the site to deal with now and meet the future? The writer to share some of their web design experience, hope to be able to contribute to you.

website design, the first step: imagine the future development potential of the industry


site you want to design a chaorenyideng website must first consider the future potential of the industry, industry driven by the development of the website, if you are a kind of electronic commerce website, then we can guess the future network community is the electricity supplier in the world, this time we design theme of the site should closely around the world to design a website, the website is designed to contain the world, contains the whole thing color website, I suggest choosing the color of the globe, because our website is one of the earth. If is the product class website, then we can imagine a future product flow, add some more liquidity design elements on the site, so that the whole website is brisk activity, the consumer will play a leading role in a certain extent, when we do the first step to think: only think of the design, the design not to do.

website design second steps: combined with the actual industry, add industry elements

each industry has the features and the reality of their own, we will refine the design elements of good in the real need of current in this time,, design elements of the previous 58 network is the classification of elements, they insist on this success for two years, so when we are of the website design can refer to some of these design methods, the classification leads the whole drive through the overall classification, so the site there are born, for example: if you want to run a test site, then we can test categories, and then in the provinces, making a comprehensive national test site, this is with the general way, and then add the test industry elements, test scores, candidates, exam, exam time, such a need for advanced and practical website is in your hands In the birth of the design must be good at imagination, do not be too rigid and in situ thinking.

website design third steps: consulting user opinions, adding user suggestions

The future of

a website design website to need not only the success of potential and reality, we have a point, that is how to satisfy the needs of users, when we can go to the website design consulting industry through the investigation and email users, from the views of users to collect some good proposals into the website for example, I recently designed a local recruitment site.

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