Zhang Qing from the content point of view Taobao supply network of intravenous drip

from the content point of view of Taobao supply network of intravenous drip

content is the webmaster has been talked about a word, but it is difficult to achieve the desired distress in the original, and joined the ranks of the pseudo original, but it is reported that between these days Google update PR many sites overnight rose and fell, more or less let pregnant with sorrow a son, a well-known IT commentator said, these days certainly there will be hundreds of thousands of articles, and I wrote an article, but is analyzed from the perspective of content, content is king.

Whether on SEO or

content in user experience is a very important, from a few times last year to update large-scale update now can see high quality web content can obtain the stable content, since this year the Mo Xiangzhao blog little more new keywords, soft Wen is still stable second pages, may is the content of the analysis, so this site is also starting from the perspective of content, let the owners know the importance and value of content.

first: the relationship between content and SEO

I see the relevant SEO data under the Taobao network source, it was found that the combination of well and SEO optimization, and included is very good, compared to some other sites, this kind of Taobao supply shop website (http://s.www.feiyusm.com/) content, mainly to Taobao customers, but many webmaster is doing Taobao off, not refer to the website, and the author also summarizes the contents and SEO


1, combined with only teacher "around the word" model, in the article keyword layout.

2, try to control the layout density of keywords, and make full use of every article published on the role of SEO.

3, originality and freshness depend on one of the reasons for the collection, and also one of the user experiences.

4, I think the simplest SEO is to do a good job of web content, a high quality content.

5, follow the "Baidu search engine optimization guide" basic principles.

second: content and website inside and outside the chain construction

One of the effects of

inside and outside the chain chain is website ranking, the author observed in the case of Taobao’s supply chain and other words, found that doing a good job, it is worth learning in this, and the chain is one of the user experience and optimization techniques, the Lou loose blog in the chain is one of the typical user experience very much. He knows how to seize the user desires and accurately guess the user’s needs.

1, the construction of the chain many methods, different, and only shared a little skill, is three hundred to one thousand related articles, the key words all point to the home page of this, I believe we have seen, can refer to.

2, the anchor text inside the chain is essential, but >

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