80 years of beauty online custom clothing sold 15 million

after 80 entrepreneurial beauty Zhang Xiaoyu. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Li Photo Center

more and more 80, 90 choose to buy clothes online, rare to physical stores. However, the reporter noted that in Nanjing, Xinjiekou from a small clothing store guests a day in a continuous line, the highest turnover reached 50 thousand, and it is next to the popular clothing store. The boss is a start empty-handed 80 beauty, carefully asked that the 80 business was really many, she used the Internet to order customized clothing, the next line store service, annual sales reached more than 15 million.

custom clothing to allow the opposite edge soared

speaking to the mall or shop to buy clothes, everyone thought that a single style or not to try; speaking of high-end custom, a lot of people think of exquisite workmanship and excellent quality clothing brand to find. In this case, how to solve the problem of the 16 buildings in Hong Wu Hong Hong, the reporter found that is busy for the guests custom clothing Zhang Xiaoyu, she has been engaged in the apparel industry for over 12 years. She said, "in my mystery Oh free living museum, a private customized services, the use of" Internet plus "mode of cooperation with designers of different levels, from Online to Offline, providing both stylish and personalized clothing for customers light luxury."

in the store, the reporter saw Mr. Zhang in the IT industry, he has a special, "the size of non standard pyknic type", led directly to the clothing store to buy clothes usually have "the knife" process. Due to the needs of the work, often out of some fashion, the trend of the occasion, there is no personal clothing so that Mr. Zhang is very distressed. He told reporters, a friend recommended the mystery of the micro shop, which can customize the personalized clothing, he decided to try once. To make an appointment in the micro shop, go to the store size, fabric and color collocation, Mr. Zhang also put forward their own ideas and creativity, try every few days, slightly modified, the hand clothing body and let him soar straight edge. Since then, Mr. Zhang often come here to customize clothing. "It is not just a simple upgrade of service, but a new way to truly realize the ‘I am my consumer’."

high cost is very popular

"now that the guests are willing to spend money to buy my clothes, it is necessary to guarantee the quality, the price is fair and reasonable," asked why hot business, Zhang Xiaoyu smiled and said, "to tell the truth I graduated from junior high school, do not know what the rules of the market and the marketing idea, just think something good and cheap, someone should buy sure enough, the high popularity, with many guests every day. When I was a child at home conditions are not good, his father died of illness early, in order to pay the debt to my home to work in the garment factory. From the garment factory to start a business, then really do not understand anything." In addition to its own funds is not enough, do not understand the decoration, she also met the manufacturer, the volume of money funds run away unrecalled, bring their own entrepreneurial experience, Zhang Xiaoyu is very open-minded, "but I also have the advantage to understand all aspects of material, process, design, sample, from.

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