New station soft build on line day 1000P Baidu GG included

When I graduated from

University, I entered an Internet company, but no company, are not registered in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the company under two people, a boss, a staff, I am the poor staff. (funny, ha ha ha) the boss has set up a website for releasing thoughts, reports and experiences.

my job is to be responsible for writing several promotional materials for the website every day. The first day, I found more than N models, and finally wrote an article, published to various forums, for several days, the boss asked me to have 5 articles every day, and one by one released to various forums. Later, I learned that this article is called "soft Wen", just like we usually see ads almost, very valuable for the marketing of websites and products.

that’s how I came into contact with this new thing. Before, I don’t think that readily write copy change things, can become soft, published, reproduced on the network, moved, or even be copied, but the marketing of great value. So, in the patchwork, I probably wrote a 100 article, to the end of the month, the boss gave me 2000 dollars salary! I am happy class, every day will change 5 articles to earn 2000, I couldn’t believe it! And after a few weeks, I will decided to resign himself to build a website built! What is good? I think, before I have been written by Fan Wenlei is soft, relatively familiar with this kind of website and soft, I decided myself also see such a site, and then began to choose a domain name, choose to choose to have what good the domain name, the boss suddenly thought before the site name is Fan Wenju, but he’s depressed is very complex, I use the model in pinyin tried, only the domain name is not used, only one, I registered a. Then bought a 300M space from Beijing, spent a week according to the In the hot facts changed more than 200 ideas, reports, experience, Party membership application, and so on these models, the site is so on-line. I have before I wrote the article changed, a total of 160, spent several hundred yuan to buy a forum mass software, sent 10 a few soft to 10 several big websites, I dare not, for fear of being closed for second days, Baidu! Site to flow, about more than 1000 IP, not wrong, and check the collected, a website of Baidu, Google have included

! Happy!

I’ll talk to you about writing soft experience: soft writing, embedded too many rigorous thinking, clever techniques and hypocrisy, "true feelings."". With the development of network marketing, media marketing has developed rapidly with its low cost, high effect and other unique advantages, almost a few software writers throughout the network marketing is very soft corner, and more. Is the so-called "the world is a big copy, put all sorts of things together, copied to copy, just so so. When the software writers, it is difficult to do a good soft Wen writers! As long as you read, as long as you are not so tired of writing. "

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