Search money SEO perspective nternet industry cooperation first look at people

this article is written to enter the Internet industry novice, if you are an old hand, do not need to search money reminder, should be deeply impressed with this sentence. Search money, SEO access to the Internet industry is not long. In this period of time, search money contact a large number of webmaster, business owner. Especially to listen to the advice of several successful business owners, and to find the money, I think it is important to see people first.

why does cooperation look at people first?

Internet industry is currently the most serious lack of integrity problems, there is no good mechanism to control, so the choice of good partners is very important. Choosing good partners can save you peace of mind and save money. Many people, when they first entered the Internet, were interested in Chinese cabbage. For example, hundreds of dollars to do SEO ranking (not hundreds of internal optimization). Spent money, but no effect, delayed the time, more likely money will not be back. After all, the other party has no strength, cheat you money. People a little better back part of your money, but time is delayed, business was delayed, it is not worth it. Some people are good, but you can’t do it, you give him things to do so carelessly, and finally have to rework, and spend more time. Search money encountered a lot of such people, so in choosing partners very carefully, once you choose, you will go deep into it. The people who work with me at the moment are not busy at all. This is in stark contrast to the people outside the station who are looking for jobs everywhere. Every day some people search for money to cooperate, but often a small matter, so that the search money that this person can not believe. Then how to choose a good partner, search money, combined with their own experience to talk about.

How can

choose a good partner,


1., first of all, you should be frank with others. That’s the premise. You’re not honest with people. How do people trust you?.

2. examines the man in all directions.

of course from the Internet such as speech and deportment, see the chat. At the same time try to get more information about each other, such as name, cell phone number, etc.. Then go to Baidu or Google to search for human flesh. If it is a liar or good faith record is not exposed, it is likely to retrieve. Anyone who has the bottom of the case, you have to be careful.

3. try out with a little thing.

After the initial understanding of

, you can use a small project and try out, or let him do something. For example, some time ago, a Dede imitation station people contact me every day, and want to work with me, but also opened a very attractive condition. I first inspected the next, I think we can cooperate first. So I asked him to help me change a very simple web layout. He promised, saying that he had done it quickly, and said nothing. I haven’t been in touch with each other for several days. Later on, I continued to seek cooperation, and I declined. My guess is that this person is either out of his ability, even with a simple layout, or a station, or that I do not give him the money, I do not want to do anything, but you agreed to do it, at least not credit

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