Tell the story of our stationmaster from 000webhost each stationmaster must read

each stationmaster has a story of his own, hidden in the bottom of his heart, perhaps that is also a dream, have never thought, this dream shattered moment. Look, everything is going smoothly, but it is full of twists and turns. You should find that 000webhost is still alive.

said 000webhost is better than the space charge free space, but the ban had IP, of course, there are also many online agent for 000webhost, perhaps I am lucky, casually looking for a proxy, soon for a time, but, 000webhost found, MS it does not support URL Rewrite, because of their English level is limited, so for the animal husbandry wolf provided free space, good speed and stability is also good, what the problem is not in use, the key is that it does not provide independent console, which is that I can not stand, then hovering in space, in the free and charges of wandering. Suddenly one day on the Internet to see an article on the Muyu, is said to be very good, the space is cheap, bite, bought 100 yuan 100M (ps: price now), so, using the Chinese panel DA, I feel much better. So I’ve been swinging for 1 years. The thought that this is good, unexpected, and not a public letter to the crackdown, to the north shore! Oh! What’s wrong with us these grass-roots? Honestly do stand has become a victim of ###


from the beginning, I started the north shore of long history, I am a private lover, I don’t have a very simple personal blog? Not illegal? Actually were eventually shut down meyu, to the north shore down after the opening. This is half a month later, I call to the local authority, that attitude, hey! Sad ah, I really want to call names, think about or endure, the reality is that the society can not integrate into me, I’ll go into the society. I said, "", what’s your attitude? "." I thought the other side would be angry. Ha ha, I guess I could still bear it. Forget it, I hung up the phone. I don’t want the North shore.

, think the space for the shepherd is good, turn back, turn back? Can I stand the independent control panel? No way. Learned that the wolf’s free space belongs to the mirror network international, to mirror network asked the international, they are overseas space, do not need the North shore. Overseas space, MB speed is so good? Hard heart, try to buy money. 300MB space 150 yuan to send the COM domain name, wow, is cheaper than meyu? (now ps:MS promotion 80/ years), buy it if you ~ ~ so, finally settle down, all right, can be built a station Oh ~! The station later has been parked in the mirror network international, there will be no more 000webhost, did not think that he is still alive.

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