Sold four rainbow QQ station after feeling

Start the rainbow QQ

six months ago, when the first do not experience, but still can be on the front page, the sixth is my first stop, then 6000ip, then with a rainbow to QQ station seventh, at that time I did not expect so simple, collection content updates every day change point, connected to the home page, thousands of IP at that time also be nothing difficult, second I have a station, the domain name is forgotten, because it is the first station, second pages sold, bought hundreds of pieces, this is my rainbow QQ Amoy to the first gold, after he did a domain name of the rainbow QQ ranked fourth, stable three days sold, sold 2500 but after a month of rainbow QQ start K station, I stand on the front page of the k k two, there is no reason to fall. It makes me a bit downhearted, after home began to individual owners of the rainbow QQ station, I will return to prostitution, to continue to do my rainbow QQ, I will sell a month after the station, and all the rainbow QQ station, do not make time for more than a month. seven days included Baidu, then QQ appears in the rainbow, and then switched connections, thirteen days after the accident GG update, I stand PR3 (connection for 100) page sixth, began to sell 2000 yuan because of a collection of pages is very burning, (this station is now sold in the station is the most stable, QQ third will be the rainbow nearly a month) started to download the station, and later included into the rainbow QQ, second days will be updated to the rainbow QQ page third, to change the connection, a day for forty, (this may not be practical, a lot of people say even more will meet in K station, but I have second week, home eighth, because there is a QQ download ranking day IP reached 9000, the new sites included less, and many people know that the ranking is not stable so only sell 2400 (this station buyers will not hang advertising to make money later sold not 1500 Somebody else.).

to the home page, there are four stations I did, the three is sold, and the second are not sold, leaving for themselves to play. Half a year, I have done the station to the home page, but the survival of these, on average, one month to sell a station, miss my rainbow QQ.

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