Share some experience with local portal operations promotion

on the Changsha network (referred to as "Changsha net") has been on the line for 3 months, has been busy with offline activities, not too much time to take care of the site today, use Adsense tools to check the next information website, website ranking is actually the weight, this is a big surprise, a straight have no time to do promotion, have ranking, friends after that, that I share the experience, if you write well, welcome Paizhuan oh


network is currently the main plate is photography sector, so today for photography, portal, forum operations to share:

1, QQ group promotion law

may be someone will say, QQ are eliminated, and now play WeChat more people. Indeed, this can not be denied, but how to say, QQ function than WeChat to all, convenient, coupled with the strength of QQ group, a large group can accommodate 2000 people, WeChat group can have how many people?

plus some related groups, conditional, it is best to create their own group, so that convenient management, their own site, their own decisions. Don’t try to use small, with their QQ, so it would be easier to win the goodwill of others and trust, much bubble, play a good relationship with the group members, if you into the group, but not bubble, when advertising went up on a bubble, a direct advertising, is the second kick off, this is no effect, but let the group members dislike, you have only entered the group with everybody acquainted, won everyone’s approval, the relationship is ripe, people can pay attention to you, pay attention to what you say.

two, WeChat promotion act,

uses WeChat to improve the popularity of the site, saying WeChat shares WeChat with the public WeChat:

(1) public WeChat

registered public WeChat this is accurate, relatively simple, not presented here, registered public WeChat need to propaganda operations? WeChat like web forum, you need a fan, if you don’t need popularity, fans is not popular, so is the shell, so in the premise of a fan, you the first planned WeChat content, WeChat rich content material, and finally to share content to your WeChat fans bulk material.

said the "mass" and "material", there may be some of the unsuspectingly said here, refers to the public in the WeChat group listserv, registered public WeChat, you will know the mass function, average subscription number WeChat every day sending a message. And the material is in the mass before the preparation of material information, text messages, pictures, voice, video. By sending material to your fans, expand the visibility, if your material is good, fans will be forwarded, so a twenty hundred, more and more fans, popularity grew strong, and this is where WeChat.

(2) personal WeChat

in the early days of the opening of the public WeChat, you may not have many fans, you have to work hard, and you register a few more with your mobile phone

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