What do webmasters really mean in Admin5

today is a happy day. My article was approved by admin5. My article was pushed to the home page by Admin5, so happy. I wrote the article by Admin5 as a quality article, I feel a great sense of achievement. We often see this title posts in various forums, I usually take stickers, and say: "congratulations". Because saw many times, in the mind can not help but think: why would the webmaster choose to Admin5 contribution? The manuscript was Admin5 included, why so excited? In Admin5, what exactly does it mean


with these questions, I check the guidelines of Admin5, can be seen through the submission guidelines Admin5 audit rules is indeed very strict, such as content is closely related with the Internet or the webmaster, the article does not contain hyperlinks, original articles and reproduced the different writing standard, the specific requirements of title writing etc. and even the size of the picture appears in the article have made specific requirements. From this point of view, the article can be audited by Admin5 is not an easy thing to do, if pushed to the home page, or was rated as high-quality articles, it seems more difficult.

in the face of such difficulties, the webmaster to Admin5 contribution enthusiasm seems to be increasing, support the webmaster hard contribution motivation, what is it?

and I in the QQ group and the group of friends also discussed many times, some people say that their writing level, some people say can get communion with more excellent Adsense opportunities, one network called "Luoying piaofeng sweet" netizens say the reason I think is the webmaster to Admin5 the biggest contribution source.

he said, "about a month and a half ago, I was in another company to do full-time SEO work, I published articles including an article called" simple "long tail keywords five kinds of mining method, recommended by the A5 home page, then to the old main site to increase the chain of about 700. More than a month after the inquiry, Baidu eleventh pages of this article, and until now there are people in the reprint, and machine in the acquisition, reprint articles reprinted again, acquisition of the article again was collected, the inside still contains. If you add this period of time, some of Baidu included, the total number of chains, how much will be a year later, I do not want anyone to know, and these are only a Admin5 pushed to the home page article".

was originally reviewed by the Admin5 through the article, you can get a lot of reprinted opportunities. In order to get reproduced by the chain, get the chain is the most effective way to improve the weight, weight and the chain is also an important factor to get good rankings, the ranking will have the traffic flow can be transformed into what I would not elaborate on. This is the power chain of webmaster contribution.

once commented on the SEO industry: "choose SEO, and that’s OK."

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