Small investment big return reproduction of soft Wen chain value

what can soft Wen do? As a webmaster, you can not know the history of the Internet site, but you can not know the value of Xiao Ruanwen. "The soft text promotion is a very free and convenient way," she says." It is key significance to clarify the text. It is because of its value in recent years, more is to produce a lot of soft paper based marketing, ranging from individuals, to a team or an occupation of the company. However, when it comes to professionalism, most of them do "beyond recognition", why is it so? More soft text, only for "original" modification, pseudo original, low-quality release. But recently saw Adsense net launched A5 soft text marketing platform (, but now bright. Through practice and observation, I share my own knowledge with everyone.

one: soft text to ensure high quality and quantity

The rapid development of

websites brings convenience, but it also brings about cheating tools, including some "mass" tools. In the website optimization process, we have always stressed that do not use the tools of mass, why? Most of the tools group is search engine filter, if still use the tool group, finally the same search engine features of mass storage, the wait will be "cheating" should be some punishment. Mass tool, it can be described as the chain, also in a hurry, also in a hurry. As for some other ways to promote the chain, such as: stick it, know, Wikipedia, and so on, although still can pass some of the chain, its weight is higher, but have to say, its complicated workload more tiring. And the promotion of soft Wen, but exactly make up for this deficiency. Soft text intended to be active reprint, and not by passive acceptance, in the article plus a chain, generally some slightly famous site will add connection. Thus, the chain will be able to launch, and with the long East reprinted, West collection, each of the excellent soft Wen is a "potential stock."".

two: search engine to delete the chain, low probability of

as we all know, search engines are basically doing every day on the chain to delete and increase action. The chain number determines the weight of the site, this is an indisputable fact, so all the webmaster in the chain under the hard work, in order to win high ranking. However, troubled owners also has the problems, why the chain is included, and finally dwindled away? To make more and more pay effort wasted, what is the reason for the train? I want to say is: "the low quality of the chain, the search engine is removed key object". What kind of links are low quality links? The quality of the web site is too low. How can a website itself included are unstable in jeopardy, website, and how to ensure the chain you are not eliminated? Higher exist the chain web page quality, removed the possibility is better. Even if URL exists on a number of high-quality websites and will be included in some news sources, it will work better. Why is the link removed?

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