Original content plus web site update is the best way to rank the site

, a web site with unique web content, a clear theme and good user experience, is a favorite site for users and search engines. In Baidu’s webmaster FAQ and Google’s webmaster guide, the two search engines mentioned the importance of unique content together. After quoting some old ideas and mysterious text from the search engine webmaster guide, go back to the topic we discussed today. Does the content update help SEO? We need to figure out 4 questions.

first, the purpose of website update

The purpose of

updating the content of the web site should be very simple for any webmaster, that is, in order to build a better website. But an understanding of SEO still has a difference compared to a web administrator who doesn’t know SEO. Understand SEO webmaster update website content may be a purpose in order to improve the keywords ranking, do not understand SEO webmaster should be to get your website more, do more and more rich content to update the content. The purpose of updating your web site is incorrect and can lead to your job in vain.

two, what kind of content does the website update


basically, many webmasters are updated for updates. Their updates come from the Internet and repeat the information of N. The work to do is to capture and copy. Maybe this is because some webmasters do not understand the reason for search engine optimization technology. But there are also a lot of SEO practitioners to web updates, like collecting and copying duplicate information on the Internet, because they think it’s difficult to build original content. Of course, copy content is better than not updated, but since it is updated, in the case of time permitting, as much as possible to add some of their original content, to borrow sign based.

reproduced on the Internet high repetition of information to update the site, using this method to cultivate web site, even if the site to keep updated every day, it is difficult to let the site get high enough weight. Want to cultivate a good site, we must do everything possible to create original content for the site.

three, how often is the site updated,


and determine the site update time according to the real situation of their own website, usually half a month to update to the site several times, conditions permitting, the best is updated every day, not 3 months, half year and 1 year to update a website. In that case, the search engine spiders may be crawling to your site is not so diligent. Why some enterprise website ranking is not very good, and even use a lot of the chain of mass software, the effect has, or the effect is not obvious, even if sometimes obvious point, also unstable. That’s why you don’t update the site. Dead site, with better promotion software is not good.

four, the depth of the site update

update site is not only for the home page updates, but also to find ways to site some of the deep buried pages also updated. Update the site >

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