Where is the future direction of webmaster navigation

        to this day, site navigation from the original hao123 thriving, to be later acquired by Baidu, all kinds of Web site navigation is endless. Site navigation site after several years of development and survival of the fittest, the real development, in addition to hao123, but also on 265.com, 5566.net, 114la.com, 2345.com these. And hao123.net was banned by Baidu also proved that the site navigation site if blindly imitate, and no big flow site guidance and support is difficult to develop.There are two main types of

web site navigation, which is comprehensive in nature, such as hao123, 265.com and their classification in detail, covering all sectors of information, such as IT, health, music, games, software and other aspects. Another is the professional web site navigation, focusing on the website navigation of an industry, such as game site navigation, music website navigation, shopping website navigation. Adsense navigation belongs to professional web site navigation station. Webmaster navigation and other site navigation station are facing a lot of problems, I believe that many owners have been thinking about the future development of the webmaster navigation way, here to talk about the webmaster navigation problems and the future direction of development.

webmaster navigation, as well as other navigation websites, is faced with a large number of imitation, similar phenomenon flooding. Search engine search, Adsense navigation site has many, but really do well, flow is nothing more than zzdh, admin5.net, portal through webmaster navigation these stations. Because the face of the webmaster groups, most of the webmaster is rich in Internet knowledge, and rarely on the webmaster navigation, so the flow problem has been the problem of webmaster navigation. There is no effective promotion, there is no large flow of Web site guidance, traffic is difficult to go up. So do webmaster navigation, try not to count on it has a lot of traffic, and for your profit, should be in line with the webmaster service attitude and interest to do Adsense navigation station.

innovation is also a problem faced by webmaster navigation. Many small webmaster navigation station, mostly imitate, copy successful webmaster navigation experience. Although imitation and plagiarism can use the successful experience of others, but too many navigation site, the basic web format is the same, the navigation website SEO is not good, so you do not own, will only sink slowly in the navigation website

in a vast expanse of water!

only find the right direction, development will have a way out. So, the webmaster of the site navigation way where is it? Adsense nets admin5.com satisfied think from the innovation, user experience, website promotion, user location to establish the direction of development, the following simple analysis respectively.

innovation has been simply mentioned before, and it’s not much to say here. Take admin5.net for example. It includes not only websites visited by webmasters, but also some local government portals and their ">"

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