The University of entrepreneurship why don’t you start from the nternet plus Campus

day before the exam, Tsinghua University independent recruitment: "is the school after graduating from business or business?" once again will be the hot topic of entrepreneurship to a climax. As for whether the students leave school business this matter, we do not advocate, but also not a stick killed, of which there are a few outstanding school entrepreneurship obtain some achievements. But for most students, school entrepreneurship is not a wise choice, at least twenty years sorry parents rearing and dozens of years of studying hard, so neither school and entrepreneurship there is no possible? Liu Kuang that very likely, students choose Internet plus campus is a good direction and start.

now, Internet plus is not only popular in society, as well as the spring breeze blowing in every university campus, campus O2O as springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. At present, the campus O2O, some choose from logistics, some choice from the retail cut, and choose from social cut, each of the different ways are the birth of a number of good platform, they work together to support the campus O2O the sky, these models can also give students some good guidance and reference.

one, cut from the convenience store

today’s college students are mainly based on 90, this part of the students have a very obvious feature, that is, and is quite residential. It is this house gave birth to the campus lazy economy hot, 59store, house m, 8 day online, I also like to self convenience store O2O platform as the representative of the campus have been rising, so this kind of platform what successful experience is worthy of college students from


, 59store, m, Zhai 8 days online, I also use the four self convenience store mode, it has several advantages: on the one hand, each university nearby convenience store merchandise goods high degree of overlap, and self would only need to run some students to buy goods of high frequency you can easily meet the needs of the students; on the other hand, by itself, can be directly from the factory where the procurement of goods, goods to enhance profitability and ability to control.

second, students live more concentrated, which for retail distribution can be more orders at the same time, saving the cost of delivery. 59store and the house through the use of self distribution + meters long building agent, and the 8 day online, I also use part-time students delivery method completely, 8 day online will be distributed according to the specific scheduling system, I also borrowed for students to grab a single distribution, making full use of the part-time students cheap labor, greatly reduces the cost of distribution, and help students solve some university dormitory distribution is zero distance to the limit.

third, ground promotion is an important channel of O2O products reach the consumer, if the channel conversion rate is very low, so before all the work will not fall, students borrow the way distribution to some extent is solved with O2O > Q line

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