Simple discussion on the five misunderstandings of doing website easily


station is now just to do, to do the site into many misconceptions have to brush to get web page ranking is very generous, more love to use some means to a website, know the website by K to know these means are not for the. Since the establishment of new sites, has been thinking about how to avoid the mistakes of the past, and today we communicate with you, how do we do when the station will encounter what kind of misunderstanding?.

1, content acquisition,


website is just a good time, no matter how it all feel very empty, this time a lot of people would expect to go to other sites or forums to download or buy acquisition software, to achieve the rich resources and content in the shortest time to make the site. It’s hard to say that, because a lot of new websites, such as forums, are really hard to do. But often collect different data to release, it will cause keyword overlap and stack, so produce a lot of garbage information, this is the site itself is no help. Greatly increased the possibility of being dropped by K. That is to say, when we collect the information back, we have to change it. It is better to make it impossible for others to see what you have collected. There is the issue of information release, it depends on whether the keyword stack, and try to avoid excessive garbage information!


2, uncontrolled brush flow

now many stations are on the day IP ten thousand, one hundred monthly advertising, so many webmasters in the collection of information and release information after the end of the choice of brush flow. I used to be very active brush flow, but to be honest, that thing just like masturbation, can only satisfy themselves. Many people subconsciously flow more, I stand in the search engine that ranking will go up the idea. In fact, this is another misunderstanding, traffic and search engine rankings is no direct relationship. But if you stand up rankings, traffic will not be less natural, in turn, traffic up, you can not go up the rankings. At the same time, brush out of traffic on the site does not have any effect, and really help those who have quality traffic. From this point of view, we still choose keywords to optimize their entire site, and do a good job of SEO is the search rankings caused help.

3, brush ALEXA ranking

and second, almost all, and search caused no direct relationship, the author now seems to be a waste of time, do not work hard. Simple said Alexa ranking represents a world ranking data only, why should you care so much? But many owners have now or are looking for professionals to brush Alexa Rankings, also had to brush the exchange ". In fact, this is said above, the search engine rankings or to the real right, SEO. Time to pick a good keyword than you open every day hanging brush machine software ranking is much better, at least to save energy when you go to bed on


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