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My younger brother is

do local station, a little-known county (Chengbu Miao Autonomous County, Xiangxi South Chui beautiful Miao Town, Miao Autonomous County of the four), a little-known website (Chengbu online, previously also wrote an essay "a successful webmaster do stand experience" I think that is not successful, but also feel very distressed, especially their business on this website to share some feelings, and also hope to make some of the same do local station website friends together, common development.

site SNS station and a forum for the Kang Sheng UCH software construction, the domain name was registered in 2003, after a few years off for a few years, this time to reopen in May 2008, currently has 2000 registered users, every day is about four hundred or five hundred IP, the only thing that makes me feel good is although the website generally do, but is currently ranked first in the local site, visibility and traffic over the local government website. Just now, although many methods to promotion, access is not, but I see in the with the number of online "Chengbu in the area has been more than two hundred or three hundred, it should also be able to explain the" Chengbu in the area in 51 visits should be more than 1W or more per day. So I still have the confidence to continue this site to continue to do, and now think the most feasible idea is through some mass software or artificial efforts to 51 of the local users Dora come over.

again, the site’s Construction: UCH, the software itself has logs, albums, reviews and other functions, so do not intend to open the blog again. The group is so weak that it has to be attached to a forum. The website SNS as the main station, the real name system, although in the first part, users do not understand, but I’ve been doing from the station, set to a non real name can not only publish a journal, published some simple comments and messages, and carried out propaganda, repeatedly stressed the advantages of real name system, the current popularity the good rate of the real name system. Since it is a SNS station, there are a lot of personal information and content, advertising is not to mess with, otherwise it will cause resentment and resistance of all the users, so I decided to use the forum to do some commercial content, including the main forum this column: business yellow pages, yellow pages, yellow pages of government enterprises (second-hand property, information intermediaries, etc.). This piece of information classification originally also wanted to adopt some other software to construct, but the member integration this piece is not very good to do, so still adopt Kang Kang this set of DZ7.

For a period of time after the

website: the limited personal website has been exposed, like those business yellow pages, yellow pages and content, according to the website and access the current amount of fame, it is difficult to have business enterprises to take the initiative to publish the classification information collection is basically blank, I am ready to set up a a small studio, please sweep the streets, businesses and enterprises to get pictures of the county, the telecommunication number, the door.

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