Where do you stand on the ten line of online education


Avenue three thousand, standing on the same position, stick to it, success is not the wrong location and castles in the air, and still insist, is in any case reach the shore. Education and training industry has decades of history, leaving numerous numerous and small institutional traces, some famous, some unknown, gone with the wind. And today, standing in the intersection of the third revolution of the educational industry, the "King", "defeat", "Kou", how to choose to become an online education proposition, while many detours, how to avoid is another proposition.


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three hundred and sixty lines of line, a champion, but also to bet on it, online education is the same, not every platform is plain sailing, summed up there will be ten detours, how many of you have stood


1, overly sought after concept

now, online education is full of various voice, investment circles, institutions, individuals, there is also a teacher and so on, each of which represents their demands, and behind each agency are as background and unique, thus causing the concept of vocabulary too much. Online education, the Internet circle, electricity market inside the rise or the concept of the past come up with speculation, in order to obtain recognition of the market and other people. Another is too many people in confusion, do not know which is appropriate, which is inappropriate, so can only follow the trend of pursuit.

said above is not wrong, but too many people lack of self reflection, and the online education is a few people study abroad, have, can offend people, domestic research is human education, and online education is not high, including Ka Lang deep person, so the cause of contention of a hundred schools of thought the flowers.

practice: thinking a word: when you succeed, since the concept will not need his veneer, accidentaly across, there will be a lot of people to put on, and to be unique, unless it is first, otherwise there is no need to follow the trend and orientation of big promotion.

2, poor confidence,

has suddenly exploded online education over the last one or two years, but most online education institutions have poor confidence, and most of what you see is loaded. The traditional educational institutions more poor, because we all know that the future is the era of online learning, but there is a heavy burden under the line, how to do online education is no confidence, after all, no agency founder would like to see their decline and even collapse mechanism.

practice: new entrants find many different points of their own platform, and try to know more about education, the grass root began turning into a dream to do business, not the cause; but the traditional education is more simple, more people within the organization gives Internet machine, to release the mechanism of door go outside to look at learning to learn, as long as the harvest is not without confidence.

3, metamorphosis of heavy

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