Zhu Zerong soft writing should pay attention to the problem

what is soft text,


you may have some understanding, usually a lot of people think, soft Wen on soft advertising.

but in fact, this understanding is one-sided and wrong.

about soft text, international journalistic practice, all of which do not involve major political, military, social events news, will be called "soft Wen".

also can say, our society, soft Wen everywhere, the most important link is the life consumption field.

For example,

, a new mobile phone, the star, a dynamic dishes, is soft, but we do not pay attention to, think they are news, actually, these are soft, because soft so that we never realized, but we feel they are not soft.

therefore, in our comprehensive international practice, any news or comments that do not involve major political, military or social events are called "soft Wen".

this definition, we can pay attention to.

soft Wen, to start with journalism, or advertising portal.

to start to journalism, good soft Wen, you should learn some knowledge of news writing, such as communication, news, description, interview and other knowledge, from the perspective of writing, you will feel more write more smoothly, the higher the level of writing.

is not recommended to advertising perspective to write text, so your heart always thinking through the soft advertising, if you will, as a soft advertising, write a few articles, you will find a large number of duplicate content, do not know how to write the next.

words used up, it is difficult to write, and this article, advertising is too strong, it is difficult to publish.

the question we are talking about today is divided into:

soft text novice, write soft, soft text skills, soft Wen improve four links.

first say: soft Wen novice some questions.

1 I always struggled with meditation, always do not write soft


answer: relax, put aside all the psychological burden. A novice or if not, go to two cups of beer, said in vino Veritas, with the slightest wine, thinking will be very active, what articles are written out.

, here’s something to note:

just started writing soft text, there is a headache, you will be hard to write, wrote ten to twenty articles, the first pain, and gradually will write. For novices, this headache period must be experienced.

question 2: I spent a few days, and finally bite out an article, after writing, I do not know how many times I see, that is, dare not send to the website and forum, how to do?

replies: "you pay too much attention to your personal feelings and worry about what people say you’re doing badly."

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