Why not sell the wedding market

is now a lot of people like to go shopping shopping, one is the service is guaranteed, and secondly, the quality of the products are generally believed. However, there is one thing, in almost all major shopping malls have not seen, this is the wedding, which gives many new people in the shopping time brings inconvenience. So, why not sell the wedding?

"eleven" golden week married more people, the wedding of the major shopping malls are also popular than usual. However, the National Day holiday to buy a wedding, some people have been carrying through the wedding to the mall for a variety of reasons for the return, make many businesses dare not sell wedding.

The original

, many people buy a wedding dress on the wedding day to get back, taking photos at the wedding, the wedding ceremony ended, he took the "dirty" wedding to the mall to the quality problems such as reasons, require refunds, some still remained on the wedding wedding leave stains, grease, wine traces of cosmetics. Nanjing, Xinjiekou, several large shopping malls wedding counters, without exception, such a thing happened.

in a shopping mall wedding counter, only to see a wedding sample, the salesman said. There are many varieties of each year on the eve of National Day Wedding, wedding dress to buy a lot of people, sometimes a day can be sold several sets, worth in the past month of sales, however, the National Day has just passed, they will come back the wedding. It is 1000 yuan a set of clothes, when customers buy after try, there is no quality problem to take, has now presented a variety of reasons for the return, you don’t have to back him, also said that our service quality is not good."

in another large mall, in addition to a few samples of the exhibition, there is no area to sell the wedding. Mall sales manager, said: in the past there are wedding counters, not long ago removed, in addition to the reasons for the wedding dress up the market, the most important is the issue of consumer integrity.

yes, some people do this is to get a little cheap: free to wear high-end wedding, both decent and do not spend money. However, they lose their most basic integrity. Some consumers are concerned about the integrity of the business, but they did not think, as consumers should be how to maintain their integrity.

so, the mall is not not to sell, but because of this reason, it is not selling. If you do not return, the store wants to operate normally, first of all have to face these customers’ trouble, which will naturally be detrimental to the normal operation of the store. Therefore, in the current major shopping malls, we rarely see the wedding.

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