Hubei free college students to support entrepreneurship projects

is now actively promoting the development of entrepreneurship activities, many of which have made some achievements, especially the modern college students’ entrepreneurial activities, the whole society is still very supportive.

it is reported that all full-time students and colleges and universities graduate within 3 years of Graduate Entrepreneurship in Hubei mainlanders and returning the college graduates through certification, can apply for. To meet the conditions of entrepreneurial projects, according to its ability to absorb employment, science and technology content, economic and social benefits, market prospects and other factors, respectively, to 20 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan of free financial support.

after the item collection, joint examination, expert assessment and other aspects, the preferred 602 projects selected from 1180 projects, during the period from August 18th to August 26th, through the Hubei Province Department of human resources and social security network, the Education Department of Hubei province government network, Hubei youth group, Hubei youth entrepreneurship network publicity to the community.

in the 602 projects, the 10 quasi support funds more than 100 thousand yuan in the project, in mid September will be held by Hubei TV third "venture in Hubei" entrepreneurial contest, the scene to determine the amount of aid. Contest site will also introduce venture capital, venture capital investment projects.

in such a popular and highly innovative entrepreneurial era, Hubei province complies with the trend of the times, some college students entrepreneurship support free, for their business has played a very good help.


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