The role of entrepreneurship and employment to change

entrepreneurship, not just rely on a year just want to be able to succeed. Many entrepreneurs have always used the employment mentality to entrepreneurship, only on impulse and momentum in the young things, no planning, no cost, the accumulation and development of consciousness, even no idea.

1, the lack of long-term goals and thinking highly of

as a true sense of the entrepreneurs, we should have a long-term vision, with strategic awareness, know the end what you want. What processes do you need to achieve. As an employee, the focus is that the current two or three years, often the first consideration is still a sense of security, how to maintain the existing stable rice bowl, naturally will not think too far, it will not be too high. Moreover, very few employees can be transposed thinking, stand to the boss’s point of view to think about the problem. It also caused a lot of employment is difficult to reach the entrepreneurial mentality. High is not empty high, after repeated thinking of the high, can be achieved through the efforts of the high, there is a high bamboo into the chest.

2, to complete the work attitude of

3, a single link and the whole system of

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