What are the errors in the management of children’s paradise

is now a lot of operators may be because of the psychological parents do not understand, perhaps because of the lack of experience in the operation of the above, resulting in easy to fall into some of the errors, for the long-term management of the store adverse. In fact, many operators have just started the management of children’s playground, often encounter this or that problem, can not solve the impact of children’s paradise revenue. In fact, only to find a business problem, suit the remedy to the case, in order to solve the crisis. The following small series with a number of children’s paradise franchise successful experience for your simple analysis: Children’s paradise in the business should avoid the four major errors, to teach you out of the misunderstanding, to success!

error 1: parents want to do card naturally do

some children’s employees are not good at marketing store cards, package to the parents, they do sell them too passive, that parents want to do card will do, the idea is not to park more profitable. So, the operator should encourage employees to become active, actively introduce children’s advantages to consumers, publicity card income concessions, so that customers will be interested in the park for a discount card, can quickly recover the cost.

error 2: the more the more equipment to attract customers

in fact, children’s Park site planning suitable is the best, indeed, indeed many devices will attract more customers to play the retention time, but also reasonable collocation according to the size of the venue, equipment for each reserved channel, visitors can watch, it can attract more tourists interest so as to improve profitability. If only in order to blindly increase the equipment is not reserved space, will only give customers a sense of chaos and congestion, affecting the experience of the play.

error 3: only the recent operation of the fire


also some operators will go into such a misunderstanding, blindly follow the trend, what the recent hot topic on what to choose, for example, to see others do water park is very profitable, he also followed. Sometimes, because of the industrial agglomeration effect, if the business is too similar to the project, but will cause unnecessary competition, so that their customer groups are divided. Therefore, in the face of the market a superb collection of beautiful things rides, children’s park operators should observe whether there is nothing new, but also understand the market, combined with their own situation, to open a suitable local recreation needs of children’s park.

error 4: blind compression costs caused by security risks

security issues about children’s amusement equipment, has always been a priority among priorities, the "quality law" provisions of domestic production and sales of all products should be marked with name and address and the certificate and the application of specific Chinese characters marked. The choice of safe and environmentally friendly amusement equipment is the operator’s wise move.


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