Mini image gallery business strategy inventory

Mini Image Museum in people’s lives are more common, this small investment projects to obtain more stable market profit? In the mode of operation, the need for businesses to make more efforts, and constantly use their own local market, planning a reasonable business plan.

"flow" is simply going out, out of the house, out of the shop, the business or the active products to customers around. Can also be understood as a disguised form of door-to-door". There are many ways to flow.

the first station, or home district! This is for those who live in the county seat of the city, there is no physical store, to the home as the center, to run a business or shop based friends to take a flow target.

if conditions permit can also go a little further, for example in the area near the vicinity of a large event, the operation method can be borrowed from the first station. As for the product is not limited to this station, as long as you can produce the scene, you want to push what.

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