Small investment quick business highlights

modern people both in what you do things would be more efficient, but also entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs often hope to get some of the biggest profits, with minimal investment, social life which have a small investment quick business?

1) – Investment: 300 thousand yuan; 2) investment form: join into owned 3); store area: 20 square meters; 4): general store rents can choose 4000-5000 yuan / month; 5) investment location: noble area secondary downtown area; 6) consumer groups: the pursuit of personality, nature of young people male dominated, 7); investment return period: 1 years.


Internet with irresistible force to penetrate into the transformation of our life. Shrewd businessmen to dig out a lot of business opportunities, a cafe in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi’an and other dozens of large and medium-sized city and County town, blossom everywhere, to the town of rapid development, Internet has become a new urban landscape. Internet cafes are the main service objects or those computer experts or network experts, they need to patronize the Internet cafes for various reasons. If the Internet cafes can provide fast online service and can do low prices, then those who have access to the Internet at home conditions, it is possible to patronize your Internet cafes, as long as the time allowed. Because they think it would be more cost-effective.

location should be selected locations in the flow of people is higher, the best is a big shopping mall, commercial street. Because the area does not have to be too large, can be used to save expensive rent, even decoration, paint, materials, labor, including the initial investment of less than 50000 yuan. Because of its low production cost, it has considerable economic benefits. Price, according to the area and the degree of difficulty, from the tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. If you want to draw a larger area, but also the original features of the original design of the painting, it is often not less than the price of 200-300 yuan; if you want to paint the whole back, you want to achieve more than 500-600 yuan.

design no age, gender, qualification, cultural level, but more suitable for women, only can love the heart, have good aesthetic ideas, not afraid of hardship, can tolerate irregular working mobility. The initial learning process, for each learner, is a long and arduous process. From the hair, nails, hair, Haircut repair…… To the overall mix, during which the effort is to be able to work experience, however, with the interest and dedication to this work, learners can find themselves to play the sky. About a year or so time can have a more comprehensive understanding of design, but only recommended

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