Sharing economic Absurdity go out caught door has become the guest of the government

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drops of our machine easily caught, drops CEO is the government guest

"now, sharing economy involves taxi, rental, private kitchen and other fields, which is very wide, there is legitimate, so some are not legitimate, and what legal, what is illegal, there is a standard evaluation? Is not as long as the government cheese, or against the strong the interest group is not legitimate? Like the taxi drops of this, is not legitimate, but because of the rapid accumulation of a large scale users, therefore, can" with the users to make the government ", so as to obtain the legal status of"


in the last month of the 2016 Summer Yabuli entrepreneurs forum summit, I to easy to taxi founder Zhou hang out this problem. Zhou’s answer is quite dramatic:

"in the network about cars, there are two types of conflict, conflict between both taxi and limousine, there is a conflict between regulators and new formats. In the middle, but also presents a very absurd phenomenon: on the one hand, to go out on the arrest, on the other hand, the door has become the government to set up representative for our guest, entrepreneurship and innovation. And the taxi driver, the car driver yesterday just hit a bloody, today, he will not open the taxi, turned to open the car. Therefore, we are in the ‘take the fire forward’, while the edge of conflict."

drops and Uber drivers’ home was arrested, is nothing new, a lot of drivers due to fear of being arrested, dare to station and other sensitive areas. "The door has become the government a guest, there are many examples:

2015, drops taxi has not yet achieved a legal position, but in the second half of 2015, drops CEO Cheng Wei has received intensive interviews with the central level in several high level meeting. At the beginning of September, Chengwei as the youngest chairman of the Davos forum, the "sharing economy makes transport resources to maximize the keynote speech, and Prime Minister Li Keqiang met; September 23rd, Xi Jinping attended the Sino US internet forum in Seattle, Cheng Wei as the youngest American top 30 business leaders get interviewed in December 11th; in Wuzhen, the convening of the second session of the World Conference on the Internet, by becoming the youngest participants enterprises.

drops CEO dimensional

Zhou hang said "go out the door is caught, will become the government guest" is right. However, the need to pay attention to is caught, it is a specific driver, rather than the operator of the platform; but as the government, guest of fame, but not the driver, but the operator of the platform.

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Zhou also mentioned the legal issues involved in regulatory economy. In western countries

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