Hot pot shop staff to be flexible

big family gatherings, hot pot has always been a favorite food of many people, because of this, many hot pot shop business is very good. Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, Liu Feng ready to go to the north of the new hot pot restaurant to dinner. He’s young and old add up to a total of eight people were starting to Hot pot shop, go forward with great strength and vigour. On the way they had a good discussion, we finally get together, a large table of food, can not eat pack away.

family quickly went to the hot pot restaurant, it is time to eat dinner, it is strange that the hot pot restaurant guests are not many. The Liu Feng family found a private room to sit down, and immediately a waiter came in and asked them what they wanted. Everyone all sorts of gossip, and soon a lot of vegetables and meat, but also a lot of seafood. After that, and for the children and the elderly to a few almond dew, the adults came to a few cans of beer.

after the end of the point, they wait while chatting about the day.

after a while, a table of food on the list. Liu Feng’s grandmother said, "life is much better, ah, when we were young, it is not dare to think ah! Let’s eat!" The old lady get together, we begin to eat up.

an hour later, they were all full, also a satisfied dazhebaoge, but there are a lot of things did not finish the pot.

Liu Feng puzzled to himself, "the taste is not bad ah, how the guests so little ah?"

‘s mother replied: "it may be the cause of the popularity is not big."

is saying, grandma said, "Liu Feng, go to the waiter to take a few lunch boxes, we don’t eat things back."

later, Liu Feng qigugu back, hands holding two or three plastic bags, followed by a waiter. Did not wait for the public to ask, the waiter said: "according to the provisions of our store, the guests eat the rest of the food, only the students can be packaged to take back, have been under the pot can not be taken away."

Liu Feng’s father asked, "what’s the point? We are spending money to buy things, why can not bring back? Moreover, these have been under the pot you can not be recycled, and we do not take away the garbage is not properly drained?"

his voice just fell, grandma Liu Feng connected to the incumbent, "that is, the little girl, you see, the abalone and sea cucumber are not cheap, do not take away do not waste it?"

the waiter is still the "sorry, this is our rule". Helpless, the family had to take the vegetables did not leave the pot, they said later >

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