Qinghai college students can enjoy a million yuan subsidy

Qinghai college students have good news. According to the implementation of the opinions of the Qinghai provincial government regulations, Qinghai college students can enjoy financial subsidies, the highest one can enjoy a one-time reward ten thousand yuan.

recently, the Qinghai provincial government issued the opinions on further doing the work of employment and entrepreneurship in the new situation, for college graduates to send a policy package".

this series of policy package will include a one-time reward standard of college graduates increased to 10 thousand yuan; college graduates jobs to absorb, signed a 1 year contract and pay social insurance fees, will be given to each of the 4 years of social insurance subsidies and one-time award; the difficulties college graduates will be increase the job subsidies underpinning assistance, uniform adjustment of job subsidies extended to business objects, has been the national student loans, disability, urban and rural households graduates, a one-time payment of the standard increased to 1000 yuan; college graduates to join the modern agriculture construction, to lead the founder of agricultural production cooperatives, will be given within 3 years of life subsidies and social security subsidies.

Qinghai provincial government issued the opinions given in addition to entrepreneurship subsidies in special funds, at the same time for the flexible employment of college graduates, will be given in accordance with the relevant provisions of the social security subsidies, improve college students’ employment rate.

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