The same 23 year old is not the same entrepreneurial life

think about what you’re doing when you’re 23 years old Is in the school to learn, or unknown to do a sloppy job? He earned his first 23 years old at the age of 33, and he was a boss at the age of 1 million.

28, he finished from 0 to 10000000 across, eat Shenzhen auto supplies supermarket crab, opened in Baoan was the city’s largest automotive supplies center, large car tires, car audio, small mat, car perfume and so on automotive supplies like ordinary supermarket equipment, open code optional price, sales, consumers find everything fresh and new.

23 years old, he took advantage of an opportunity to earn the first 1 million in life, but also know the most important person in a lifetime. All this is from his 18 years old from Germany to work in Shenzhen rural road to start, not that day is not today’s dusty Wang Hanrong, start empty-handed – Polish craft became astepping-stone to success at the age of 4 Wang Hanrong lost his father, mother brought up their 3 siblings.

1990, a village in a clock factory when the master of the distant relatives to persuade Wang Hanrong to become an apprentice, he almost didn’t want Chuaizhuo 150 yuan brother to come to Shenzhen. Just arrived at the factory, the teacher gave him a hat and a mask, he began to work more than ten hours a day, with linen wheel and wax to strap and case polished. Every night I go back to my dorm room and I try to rub my face with soap, because the dust is too big to be black except for the mask. Wang Hanrong recalls. He also clearly remember that the first month’s salary is 150 yuan.

this was polished, the difference is finally with his future career stained edges, grinding is automobile anti-theft lock. It wasn’t long before the factory was originally converted to domestic sales, the need to open up the domestic market, a very familiar with him on the workshop director recommended him to run the business, because he would speak cantonese to facilitate communication. Wang Hanrong told reporters: at that time the factory selected a dozen people out as a salesman, I am afraid that I am only a success.


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