The six anniversary of the Fu Sheng internal speech forget the past to start a new business

it’s a great time today.

just in front of the double eleven, the new president of the United States elected, such a special day, we chose to set up a cheetah. Of course, when we set up cheetah, there is no double eleven.

the world is changing fast.

six years ago, the cheetah was established, I did not think the company will become so big, there will be more than 2 thousand people. In the next six years, I can’t imagine what will happen.

but there’s always someone telling me that the company is bigger than you think. Today, not only Beijing colleagues, colleagues in Taipei, as well as French colleagues, American colleagues, many corners of the world, all of our employees. Growing so fast, many new colleagues are too late to understand what a cheetah is and how she will become a company.

I would like to use three key words to sum up the past we experienced little bit.


the first key words: struggle.

is a TV series of the same name called "struggle", the name of good, handsome and beautiful, inspirational youth. But when I look at it, I can’t see it. As a fighter, I think it should be renamed to enjoy, rather than struggle. The protagonist drove cars, suddenly made a good case, be to one’s liking, from the brilliant Tengda, began a wonderful life.

actually, it’s not like that. Struggle is a very difficult process.

sometimes, I ask myself: if I venture so hard to do it again, you will not choose to start


my heart will make a question mark, because there are too many unimaginable difficulties. Recently read some books, I found Mao Zedong, Jiang Jieshi these celebrities, are highly respected by the Zheng Guofan. He was born in a poor family, after five hundred years without a high officials and noble lords until his father, got 17 times to test a scholar. So, Zheng Guofan humble origin, qualifications and very poor, 40 years old, almost no big.

but very important, because such a person, it is worth learning. After all the changes in the world, the spirit embodied in these people, it is worth every ordinary person to experience. We would like to think in their own hearts, he may also be born as bad, but in the face of difficulties, it is possible to become a generation of famous through unremitting efforts. I think that’s what Zheng Guofan really inspires us.

from another point of view, the cheetah in the past six years, it is the epitome of such a story.

I often mention learning slag thinking, often criticized by the new school tyrants executives. But it must be said that the beginning of the cheetah’s first company, originated from the grassroots.

I entered Beijing in 2001, the passbook inside only 400 dollars in a northern boarding students dormitory, two men.

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