The hard road of female entrepreneurs in science and technology

female entrepreneurship has gradually developed into a normal, but mostly concentrated in clothing, beauty, catering and other livelihood industries. The success of the scientific and technological entrepreneurs can be said to be rare.

if in today’s science and technology industry, to find a standard to encourage the majority of female entrepreneurs, it is in week. As the founder of Hongkong touch screen manufacturer Technology (Lens ), she started from scratch, has now become a billionaire. Now $7 billion 500 million worth to let Zhou Qunfei become the tech industry’s most successful women, even many male competitors are unmatched. Another followed by women, is the founder of Bet365, Coates, Denise  she is currently worth $2 billion 900 million; while in the third row is Epic  Systems medical software company founder Judy  Faulkner;, his personal net assets of $2 billion 600 million.

in the investment field, GGV capital Li Hongwei (JennyLee) is regarded as a pioneer of women, she is the most successful female investors in 2015 in the technology industry, but also in Forbes risk investors ranking was 36, she is the first to win the honor of women. However, according to statistics show that in the field of venture capital in the United States, accounting for only 4.2% of women, so once again shows that Li Hongwei broke the gender bias of investors.

may have realized the technology circle ignore women, or that women can indeed provide more valuable things, so in 2015, many technology companies recruited a large number of female talent. The world’s Pinnacle Technology Corp (including Microsoft, YAHOO, apple, led the British, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Ebay) have also begun to attract women to join, compared to men, the average growth rate of their female employees of 238% faster. Of course, in these tech giants, the number of male employees is still dominant, but at least, the direction is right now.

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