Women hate words seem to capture the heart of the goddess so simple

now more and more single men and women, many single men are complaining that they can not find a girlfriend, women are more and more difficult to coax. So, share the following words that women hate most quickly! Want to capture the hearts of the goddess, only need to spend a little thought can be.

"said, drink plenty of water, she was angry

the results so that the college students in Ji’nan Xiao Xu felt very sympathetic, "I have a girlfriend said a little cold, I say" drink plenty of hot water "casually, did not think she was angry, and later asked her why she didn’t say, I haven’t really thought bright white."

"than do not understand, perfunctory is more hate"

7, the reporter interviewed 19 women from the age of 20 to the age of 40, for the top of the top ten, most people said that the basic approval.

"these words actually have what problem, if I was angry he said these words, it is because he does not understand me." Female college student Wang said, for example, when you are sick or physiological period of stomach pain, I need more is to comfort or take care of, this time if you always told me to drink plenty of hot water, I would feel a little annoying."

and do not understand their own, will make women more angry with. "I think women would have been a bit sensitive, therefore, when you talk with her boyfriend, was able to feel his kind of perfunctory, in such circumstances, even if he is in the care of me, I still feel unhappy."

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