An entrepreneur’s 2015 year end summary the nternet and beer like when the bubble it is best to d

Abstract: a dialogue between One Piece Vicki has let me remember miliu, the fastest speed is better speed. Yeah, make a fucking thing, me and my partner, and the start-up of the core team, solidarity, is the fastest and most stable speed.


"Internet and beer, like when the bubble, it is best to drink."

1, my partner and I stood in the haze days to ask each other, you said, if all people buy clothes can be used effectively, not Tun on the bottom, is this a lot less haze to


2, I put the Sims and One Piece in a short period of the first quit.

3, agree with your ideal employees, is really willing to pay the staff, nothing to say, hurry up.

4, August 7, my partner and I have no experience, also all kinds of reports are before blowing up the opening yunliwuli, $five million, no talk, I’m afraid that when investors see we also to see the same idiot.

5, "Silicon Valley" in the scene so I was particularly impressed, with one meter long. See investors, and the next day to apologize, the story changes too fast I’m afraid it’s too late. 2015 entrepreneurs are not.

6, partner to see investors today, tomorrow, and now we are more down to earth, to what stage of development, what is the stage, so many years old professional insight, can not feed the dog.

7, last year and this year, took part in a lot of entrepreneurial activities and training, the higher the quality of the course, is subversive innovation institute.

8, note man (micro signal notesman) notes and all the good, and the name is really good to hear, founder Ke Chau is a cute guy, I think his head really good.

9, two edition BP, every time the end feel great! The difference is that the first time in July, the first edition of App on-line soon, the mood at that time is "great! We are cranic who are gold!"; the second in December the real thing and users to play for a few months, the App edition of the N times, the mood is "it is fantastic! Volume kill ten percent, rent clothes to wear this thing can buy clothes to wear subversion!". Yes, our dreams begin to eat.

10, the first edition of App let us ashamed, let us proud.

11, who said that there are a lot of entrepreneurial stories in the story of the drinking kebab? You come out I promise not to kill you. In my memory, the most is the product of the data, for lunch.

12, I use the most App is Baidu take away from.

13, users distribute leaflets pull this thing, do not have a good winter spring and autumn days, catch the big haze days, quickly change to recruit.

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