What is the secret of success and the share of the true saying

every entrepreneur is eager for success, and the success of the case also abound, we heard one after another successful entrepreneurial story, I hope one day I can be as successful as they. So, what is the secret of success? A number of successful entrepreneurs shared their struggle, following them the true saying:

1.  see failure as part of the journey of life, trial and error before success

Groupon CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Eric  Lefkofsky

"great figures will fail as a necessary part of their life journey, you should not care about the" win or lose ", but" win or learn "." Groupon’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Eric  Lefkofsky says. Lefkofsky shared a few stories of past failures of enterprises, including leading him on the verge of bankruptcy in 2001 Brandon  Apparel  Group  (Brandon Apparel Group) and Starbelly, he said, that year, he created InnerWorkings, a successful printing procurement company. Lefkofsky think, what to do, what not to do, not what magic, he is constantly working and try new things, until he finally developed the InnerWorkings and what he wishes.

2.  looking for business opportunities "Princess and pea" theory

for Honest  the founder of Tea, inspired by the grocery store. Barry , a professor at the school of management at Yale University; Dr. Nalebuff’s success, only because he found a good cup of tea. At that time, although in the market there have been dozens of restaurants, but Nalebuff found that water, soda water it is tasteless and insipid, liquid candy, and diet drinks are dangerous.


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