How much money can Yang Guofu make

when you go shopping hungry when you want to eat spicy hot, but every time you go through a hot shop to see the scene is full, this is really a coincidence? This shows that the number of people like to eat spicy hot. So entrepreneurship to join a selection of hot and spicy items must not be wrong. What is the best choice? Xiao Bian recommended for you Yang Guofu spicy hot.

Yang Guofu spicy food and Beverage Service Co., Ltd., established in 2007, is a professional engaged in spicy snacks and franchise chain catering enterprises. Since its establishment, Yang Guofu has now developed more than 3500 stores, more than 22 provinces across the country, more than 200 cities.

[Yang Guofu hot spicy join advantage]

[market] hot and spicy with its broad distribution, a long history, the popularity of high characteristics, become the most vitality of Chinese food category.

[mode simple] different means of capital, arbitrary choice, less investment, less than 15-20 million to shop.

[low risk] a wealth of industry experience and nearly 1000 single successful operation experience to help new business risk to a minimum. Improve the scientific evaluation system, the location of the new store success rate increased to 90%.

[management] product production, unified distribution. Simple operation skills, streamline the staff to facilitate management. Full support of the operation, the regional manager to coach shop.

[brand advantage] Yang Guofu hot brand has been successfully operated for more than five years. Good reputation and high visibility can attract more consumers, greatly enhance the level of profitability of the store.

[price advantage] affordable, accurate positioning, to win the majority of consumer groups, not affected by changes in the economic environment.


] because of the characteristics of stable consumer tastes and consumer conversion Xixinyanjiu, a lot of snacks and selling hot scenes when just entering the market, but then entered the consumer downturn and even out of the market. Relying on the long history of the hot and spicy market characteristics of Yang Guofu, and then given the attributes of fast food, so that its consumption has become very stable, to ensure the long-term stability of the franchisee’s investment income.

[Yang Guofu spicy hot support]

1, market research: the company will apply for the franchise operators to operate the region to do a full range of surveys, and appointed marketing specialist to visit, to assist applicants to make accurate investment analysis report;

2, site investigation: find a location is key to the success of joining > shop

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