How to seize the opportunity to operate snack franchise

would like to open a home snack bar to earn delicious wealth, master the relevant entrepreneurial skills is very important. Want to quickly enhance the reputation of the snack shop, store up high popularity, so how can we do it?

the actual operation note: the other is consumption intention and strength, carefully select the signing unit. Concessions or agreements for private enterprises need to be more pragmatic. For institutions should pay attention to its private dining as a discount, and their work units are not necessary to be too low to be able to sign a long-term meal service agreement, give the other big concessions. Such as the lower discount, reduce the room fee, service fee, or the amount of consumption to return a certain amount of various forms to choose from.

during the festival is the traditional gift giving, such as the Mid Autumn Festival mooncakes, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, send Glutinous Rice Balls dumplings. The selected gifts should be combined with Tan Yingxiong’s corporate culture. Gifts are divided into homemade gifts and outsourcing gifts.




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