The comprehensive ability of Daisuke cloud providers founder of an entrepreneurial team from the per

in terms of support for entrepreneurship, Daisuke cloud providers relying on domestic manufacturers and technical team and marketing advantages, rich experience and professional comprehensive brand management, to provide strong support for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs realize fully guarantee the smooth introduction and profit.

, cloud providers in South China Sea Institute of Oceanology technology as the core, combined with the following agencies together to create

– Guangzhou Nanshan Ansett health industry investment center: Ansett medical investment group is a focus on the precise medical and medical wisdom industry group of large health industry. Guangzhou province will carry out a full range of strategic cooperation with Academician Zhong Nanshan as the core team of Guangzhou Medical University, the government, the depth of integration of gold, production, science, medicine, service as a whole, enterprises and experts gathered the world’s best R & D, together to create a private biomedical industrial cluster.

– nine Hui pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd: after years of development, nine Hui pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd has a large scale, is a high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, the annual output value of over billion yuan, has won the Guangdong Province medical system advanced unit "and" Chinese outstanding private technology enterprise "and" Guangdong Province pharmaceutical industry 20 strong enterprises "honor.

– Guangdong Daisuke Marine Biotechnology Development Co. Ltd.: Daisuke ocean, relying on the Chinese academy research team, as the leading China marine biotechnology research and development, with subversive thinking, superb technology and R & D products unlimited exploration of solutions of the marine biological tolerance gene sequence unremittingly, that is closely related to human factors. Health products manufacturing, life changing. Guangdong Dayu Marine Biotechnology Development Co. Ltd. was founded in August 2014 in Guangzhou Panyu, is a company specializing in marine biological health care products company.

– Guangdong Jing Nuclear Biological Technology Development Co Ltd, as the largest pharmaceutical company in Southern China area (nine Hui pharmaceutical company) under the flag of Guangdong Jing Nuclear Biological Technology Development Co. Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of high-tech private enterprises. Have China Sea Institute of technology as the background, and it is also one of the first major diseases and chronic diseases Chinese products — Daisuke cloud platform cloud’s members.

economy has been rapid development, people’s living standards continue to improve, behind the promotion of self health care awareness, in fact, brewing a huge industry – big health industry. Health, health management is the first of a cycle of the concept of a life, the whole process from birth to death, all belong to the management of health and coverage areas, secondly, health is also a large group coverage, including maternal, children, young men and women, old man. Chronic disease or have specific physical needs of the population, belong to health coverage and meet the need of the group.

"Internet plus" era, as the highest degree of public concern, the largest health consumer products has become Internet plus final critical heights. So, "Internet plus health" will become a world changing entrepreneurs hurricane wind. < >

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