Popular in the era of individual outlandish costume shop

Before the

society, a village of people wearing the same dress is a very common thing, leaders from the president, to small members, can wear a tunic, but now the era of rapid development, people’s income increases, so the personality can be fully developed, been very outlandish costume shop welcome.

"Kazakhstan" and "Hari" one of the growing business opportunities for "outlandish Costume" stores, but must meet customer demand, can be successful. In addition, the choice of shops selling cheap commercial city as a pavement can save costs. 20 year old Ms. Lei a year ago only invested 20 thousand yuan, in the CTS mall two floor underground opened in the city of Guangzhou is one of the few "outlandish costume shop". Owing to the new innovative sales style, each item only into one, no copy, attracted a lot of urban boys and girls of the eyeball, the average monthly income in 2300 yuan above.

then when visiting relatives in Hongkong, she found that the streets of Hongkong recently boys and girls are willing to "high", "ha" shops to buy offbeat fashion. The clothing in the eyes of the teacher, parents can be worthy of the name of the others had only one outlandish costume, sleeves, some cowboy the sweater, although the grotesque unceasingly, but the price is cheap, personalized, very popular with young people in Hongkong love, is also very suitable for hiking, sports venues. Miss Lei think Guangzhou is not similar to the shop, he decided to take the "scarce" and "low cost" investment strategy, such a "outlandish costume shop".



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