Guangzhou venture three hurdle grab people and the media

Abstract: to revive the entrepreneurial innovation in Guangzhou, in addition to policy support and change, there are several of their city’s internal needs more practice: resource integration platform with Shenzhen, and need to grab talent leader of new generation business to pioneer media.


recently on the Guangzhou business as a lot of discussion, in Guangzhou had failed venture entrepreneurs I put on business in Guangzhou to discuss the recent media on the titanium seen in a finishing, feel very useful.

yesterday saw an article in titanium media author Douglas love, he put down the edge of Guangzhou entrepreneurship and innovation for "extreme pragmatism", which is very accurate.


summed up the Internet revolution in the history of Guangzhou:

if the Internet revolution can be divided into the second half, in the first half, Guangzhou enjoy the Internet bonus, the three business model is recognized in the world (Internet advertising, electricity providers, game) as an example, in the early development of the Internet boom in Guangzhou, telecommunications operators under the drive of a provide CP and ISP services group of small businesses thrived, the Internet also earned the first pot of gold.

however, because this business involves the early market too much, and more "behind" operation, one is some secretly deductions and subsidies and other non sun operating practices, grey income model generally can not see the light, on the other hand, get a lot of business is all transactions under the stage, making the first pot of gold also has a "speculative" or "original sin" to a certain extent, also doomed this income more close to the "underground" state.

this also leads to a pot of gold after such income, benefit more choice to give up the bank, to other cross-border trade, the natural growth of the advertising industry has a large platform prerequisite to be broken and destroyed.

at the same time, some leading telecommunications construction hotline or regional portal, or around the Internet companies around the telecom, also developed at the time, such as 21CN, Guangzhou windows, 163 NetEase, these companies represent the most early enterprises for China Internet, unlimited scenery. However, 21CN such as telecom in origin, although have no worries about food and clothing, such as mail service, video service and other business of the country’s leading advantage richly endowed by nature has not been found, to maximize its value, also led to the final can not achieve breakthrough growth.

and NetEase, this should be a typical representative of the Internet companies in Guangzhou, lost its representation in two areas, and the banner effect.

on the one hand, from the business level, its core business from the game, although able to maximize cash flow, competition in the Internet Ecosystem first, has played an important role, but because of the integrity of the business itself and the development of deep ecology, relatively strong.

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