What are the profitable industries in 2016

business, we certainly want to make more money, so a profitable industry is that everyone looked forward to, want to start making money friends in 2016, must want to know what are the profitable industry in 2016. What are some of the industries that make money in 2016? Let’s get together.

2016 money making industry: automotive beauty

The content of science and technology

2016 money making industry: quit bar

modern people increasingly advocate healthy life, warm and open a bar if the theme of the smoking cessation effect should be good. Style warm, personalized strong  . Personally think that the family environment is better. Signs distinctive   emphasize warmth, such as the word can be added before the red heart.   do some good to quit smoking food packaging sales, the effect is good, can be put on the market. The location of a shopping mall or a large hotel. Promotion: This is particularly important. Can find professional advertising agency.

2016 money making industry: pet nursery

2016 making money in the industry: dessert snack bar

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