Zhao Guojian from the migrant workers to the supermarket manager entrepreneurial process

with the development of market economy, great changes have taken place in people’s life style and concept of consumption, more and more people have entrepreneurial dreams, following small series to introduce a wage earners from the entrepreneurial process become a large supermarket manager, bring positive energy for everyone’s entrepreneurial process.

2003, Zhao Guojian from his home in Hebei, Baoding to Beijing to work, do the tally clerk at a branch Shouhang supermarket. Now, at the age of 39, he was set first supermarket manager in the southwest, marry and settle down in Beijing.

in the supermarket, Zhao Guojian met his current wife. Today, two people live in the Village South Lane community, there is a eight year old children and grandparents living in the home, he hopes to be a stable income to bring the children to go to school. He pointed to a photo of two people to reporters, his wife is a down-to-earth, able to endure hardship, just know when the store is the clerk of the two, mutual support to go now. "If she hadn’t been there for me, I couldn’t have done it."

2012, Zhao Guojian won the inaugural supermarket Zhuang Nan Li joined the places in support of his wife, a long shop. But everything is difficult at the beginning, he admitted that he was not familiar with the shop when the manager of the shop, work harder. During that period of time, I would like to invite the young guys in our store every night to eat, drink and chat with each other. Work for a period of time down, they will know that I am the strength faction." Here, he smiled affably. Since then encountered difficulties, Zhao Guojian will be empathy, starting from the needs of employees. Once, a living from the field to Beijing young people into the store looking for a job, Zhao Guojian knows he and the original itself is not easy, want to help him, for him to arrange a salary higher position, usually have time at the supermarket and he often chat, listen to him talk about work life difficult.

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