How to join Xianghe Tiemuzhen Buffet

China since the reform and opening up, the rapid economic development. Food and beverage industry is an active member of China’s economic development. Development so far has grown to more than 200 times in China’s consumer economy market occupies an important position, so the business is undoubtedly a choice to join the food and beverage industry is a wise choice. What is a good choice of food items? Xianghe Tiemuzhen buffet?

as the industry well-known brands, Tiemuzhen barbecue stores provide beef, pork, Bacon, boutique shellfish, shrimp, chicken, cuttlefish and other fine meats and meat with customers, variety, let the customer free choice, let every consumer into the store can be satisfied, good reputation, business, investment shop, simply do posters, still be able to quickly profit


Tiemuzhen barbecue to the customer first business philosophy, to provide quality services for consumers, the majority of customers praise. Investment Tiemuzhen barbecue join by hosting, managed by the headquarters dispatched professionals, professional management and operation, barbecue pickled better, more profitable business in place, more secure.

join can obtain the following support:

1. store location support

2. entity practice support

3. system training support

4. store design support

5. tracking supervisor support

6. technology development support

7. area protection support

8. marketing planning support

9. advertising support

10. logistics distribution support

Xianghe Tiemuzhen buffet? This is Tiemuzhen buffet franchise, is also a very good store


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