Experience sharing the early planning of the clothing store

many people have been wandering in the business that door money, has been reluctant to venture into the kingdom of the gate, after all is the fear of failure, if you want a quick success in the business market, so we must understand and learn more effort.

nowadays some people think when it comes to doing business with hundreds of millions of investment, but also invite professionals to do market research and business plan, in fact, small private investment, small businesses can make money, but the market risk is small, the key is to have an entrepreneurial enthusiasm, the amount of force. To start small business, is the only way for most successful businessmen. Engaged in the operation of a number of self-employed, the fastest way to make money is the clothing self-employed.

An overview of


processAnalysis of district location survey – Decoration – Opening –


1, consider the clothing store for the new store, in order to reduce rents, reduce costs, shop area can be less, so the decision to rent 10 square stores can be.

2, there are two downtown lots, but the brand must operate in this brand street. Only in this street to find a shop has a commercial atmosphere.

3, is required to operate a comprehensive store, only for the local situation, because a Monopoly brand risk. To cover the second line, three line brand, accessories, etc..