Convenience store location do not look at the surface

on the current market, many entrepreneurs are aware of a correct location for later operation will shop is very important, but people also know the correct location, for the passenger flow will naturally have very strict requirements. However, because of this, a lot of people to shop location when they see only the surface. In fact, convenience stores do not look at the surface, but also from more aspects of the analysis.

and all retail industry, like the convenience store business also can not be separated from a superior location "good mouth", but it is not necessarily what you think the "golden section".

, for example, in Shanghai, Rosen turned off many of the best the Bund stores and office buildings. The reason is that most of the foreign tourists around the Bund, the demand for convenience stores; office building stores opened that business is probably the best day, around the consumer choice once more, the passenger flow will be reduced, and the evening and weekend is poured, almost no business.

so, for convenience stores, the real good mouth not only to look at the lot, but also to analyze the secrets hidden behind the lot:

in a second tier city,

a convenience store can cover a range of about 500 meters. So you have to ensure that there are at least 3000 people within the range of more than 500 stable households or working people, and the monthly average income of not less than $3500. The number of passengers to ensure the conversion rate, income can guarantee the purchasing power of the convenience store to ensure the ability to pay.

would like to set up a shop in the new residential district, you’d better go down to the floor in the evening to count the number of lights, and confirm whether the installation of air-conditioning on the wall. Because developers have said that this area has been sold out, but the actual situation may not be the case, so be sure to find out the true occupancy rate.

to study the vehicle’s moving route, that is, the flow of vehicles, convenience stores in the location of the car flow lines, it means that more mobile customers. For example, there are four shops across the corner of the Road East, West, South, north of the car flow line, then there are two lane road shops have a one-way road, the shop is only one of the two. In addition, the station "regression line" is also very important, "regression line" is the passengers must pass through the path in front of the shop, if the store location is not within the mobile route, even close to the station, the passenger flow will be affected.

so that a correct location can not see on the surface can be done, but we also need more analysis, so that it can really choose an address, provide more convenience for later operation. So, if you open a convenience store now, do you know what you need to pay attention to?

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