Working toward the north south of entrepreneurship


working or entrepreneurship, which is a problem.

80 of the last century, in 90s, it is a working age, after graduation assigned, our fathers were a work of old civil servants is also known as a secure job, preparation, good benefits, other people.

Since the reform and opening up,

has evolved into an era of entrepreneurship. Earlier, a few people were forced to go for laid-off, so a variety of vendors, owners of private enterprises such as a field full of flowers; then, more young people back pack, with "dare" courage, or south or North, then there is a "drift" such term also. For the "talent base of Guangzhou Shenzhen four city.

the rise of the Internet, the birth of a more entrepreneurial tide. In 2003, the NetEase of Ding Lei; 2004, 2013, Baidu grand Chen; Robin Li and Ma Huateng 2014, Ma Taobao Tencent…… Nearly 10 years Chinese richest man, almost all from the Internet entrepreneurs, which makes young people more in droves to entrepreneurship — or an entrepreneur after graduation, or in the company after several years of training, entrepreneurship is still.

North Canton Shenzhen, China’s four most developed cities, but also the impression that the most suitable for entrepreneurship in the city of the four. I visited found that entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial population has undergone significant changes and shifts. Choose to work, it is better to go north; choose entrepreneurship, may wish to go south.

Shanghai: the death of coffee

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point to Shanghai’s four big business has done an inventory of coffee, including coffee, IC coffee, ATA micro coffee and coffee will help. In addition to IC coffee from IC card related communication transition to intelligent hardware, the other three major business coffee shops have been closed.

coffee is located in Shanghai the center of the Huangpu District and the Huangpu River, only a hundred meters away, next to the wedding photography shop and stock exchange still booming, while micro coffee has closed. On the door of the free WiFi and shop inside the business poster blurred visible, but the door has been hung on rusty chain lock. According to the security of the building, said the coffee shop has been vacant after the venue has not been rented again, such a scene for at least two years.

coffee is located in the remote Yangpu District tower slightly, gathered here in Shanghai for the number of entrepreneurs. ATA coffee into a closed language training organization, next opened up a pretty petty cafe. The cafe owner said, there are a lot of people looking for about 00 ATA found their coffee here, later found not a cup of coffee, will talk about something she could not understand the topic, finally left unhappy.

is also located in Yangpu will help coffee is no longer exists, just changed into another IPO home cafe. "IPO home business" may be a coffee shop in Shanghai by twenty-one There remained but a single one., it launched to raise public shareholders, the boss Wang Jun.

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