Beauty chain was undoubtedly the original profiteering industry now does not grow

beauty industry has always been a super suction gold strength, and it has been a high consumption quota. But why is the beauty of the health industry has been stagnant, it is clear that the customer is willing to advance the industry, but now why not long?

What is the

core advantage is not clear

we serve the beauty enterprise has always stressed that the "super traffic tools". Passenger flow to the beauty salon, barber shop, spa is the most important step, a lot of stores in the conversion rate is very high, but the passenger is not enough, so even if there is "profiteering" at all, no flow in vain.

chat in the same process, many entrepreneurs will be asked, what is your store to attract tourists? A lot of people will say that I have the style of decoration, I have good technical staff, my product is good. But all that money can not solve the problem of the problem: the decoration is good, other companies copy one or more to your shop is very easy; good talent, to dig people jump and the easiest thing; good products, competition is also very easy to copy a.

Why is

the original "profiteering industry" so mediocre?

"profiteering industry" is probably a lot of people the beauty industry cognition, but a chain planning found is such a huge industry, but also do not, it is difficult to produce a lot of industry leader brand, the boss will not think no position in the business scale, the party also.


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