China new media entrepreneurship competition Strait held in Fuzhou


format of the entrepreneurship competition emerge in an endless stream in life often carry out entrepreneurship contest, will also give some entrepreneurs to provide a good platform to display their own, recently, 2015 China new media business competition is in like a raging fire.

15 day, the 2015 China new media entrepreneurship contest in the first division of the Taiwan Strait contest held in Fuzhou. 11 elite teams from the region of Fuzhou, with their new media venture projects, fierce competition. Eventually, the new media film and television platform music circle media, the domestic HTML5 gaming community radish play and provide one-stop shopping service platform for the food and beverage industry, the 3 round of the project team successfully.

the activities by the Zhejiang daily newspaper group, Fujian daily newspaper group, Fujian newspaper investment holding limited liability company, branch (Fuzhou) Co sponsored data industrial park.


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